About Me

Hello, I develop video games as a hobby , all my games are currently free and downloadable(some of them can be played online from your browser ) here . I've used the unity3d game engine for most of the games I made , but once I used coronasdk for the development of my first android game that is downloadable for free here . I've developed 10 games so far , for windows , linux , android and even for your internet browser . The code and most of the art(images I draw in mspaint) are made entierly by me , only some sound effects, music or good drawings are from sites like the unity asset store . I enjoy making games and software and I will add new stuff probably for free soon . Some(most if not all) of my games may look very simplistic because I started making them at 16 and now I'm still only 17 years old(at the time of writing this) so I am new to programming, but that doesn't mean that my games are not fun to play(expecially to me as I made them and I am proud of them) . Thanks for reading this and if you want to contact me for some reason you have my email down below. Also excuse my bad english, if I made any grammar mistakes thats because english is not my native language . Have a nice day ! :)


If you want to contact me here is my email : qtoni01@outlook.com . Note that it might take a while for me to respond to your email .